Who We Are

Impact HUB Tokyo is a community for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. While leveraging connections between people, ideas and values, our members join their forces to accelerate their business growth.


We believe in investing in 'people first, space later': human connection is the key to fostering change and growth within a community.

Entrepreneurs are mountaineers, and we see ourselves as a 'base camp' for entrepreneurs, a place to build your skills and plan your strategy for the challenges ahead. A base camp also serves as a place to connect with your peers, discuss, exchange information, and prepare for your next endeavor.



Impact HUB Tokyo is more than a mere place to work. 

Our team focuses on creating the optimal experience for entrepreneurs.


We work daily to inspire entrepreneurial creativity and bolster knowledge sharing among members. ​


No deposit fee is required to join our community. You can launch your business right away without any red tape.


If you are seeking a community of like-minded Impact MAKERs/entrepreneurs to share the pains and joys of starting a business with, we most certainly are the place for you. The friendships you'll make at Impact HUB Tokyo will persist long after we part ways.



In our community, members from varied industries, age groups, cultures, and business backgrounds come together. We're all about growing this community organically, in a way that leads to new, meaningful and fruitful collaborations among members. We foster conversations not solely centered on business practicalities but also on mission and values--an essential part of deepening the connections made within the community. ​


While observing our community members evolve, we've realized they share a singular value equation.


"Question+Action=Impact" (question the status quo, take action, thus create social impact). Based on this shared sense of mission, our members inspire each other daily to grow their businesses and bring their ideas to fruition.

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Our programmes are meant for the hustling entrepreneur and their team to explore growth opportunities and new avenues of value creation through 'team learning', which we define as an ongoing, constructive dialogue among peers.


They rely on a three-tiered cycle of creative ideation, hypothesis formulation, and hypothesis testing, and aim at accelerating business growth.



We strive to bring depth to the discussions around entrepreneurship. In fact, the best way to find inspiration and start afresh is often to increase the 'entropy' in the community by indulging in unbridled discussions and a bit of unexpected chaos.


Every event at Impact HUB Tokyo was designed with a clear purpose in mind. We see events as catalysts for members and non-members to bond, inspire each other, and find new paths of growth.



1) Business hours: 9:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. for weekdays and 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. for weekends and Japanese national holidays.

(Opening hours may differ depending on the situation of COVID19. )


2) All memberships are eligible for the Global Passport. The Global Passport is a benefit that you can use for up to 3 days free of charge when visiting HUBs in other cities. Currently the pass is available in 38 cities around the globe. If you wish to stay for more than 3 days, please pay the fee at the local HUB.

(The procedure may differ depending on the each city. Please contact hosts for more information.)


3) Some events and programmes may set a special discount for members.


4) The event space and the kitchen & lounge area can be booked with discounted rate for members.

(Booking may not be available depending on the circumstances of the COVID19.)


For your safety...

Social distancing but not mental distancing.

You clean hands, We clean nobs, tables, chairs…

Sanitizers everywhere!


Open innovation with open windows

In the time of hardship, we thrive as a community!





Please contact us via the form if you want to visit us or ask for inquiry. 


[Opening Hours]     

Mon-Fri  9:00-22:00   

Sat/Sun/Holidays  10:00-20:00


[By train]

8 minutes walk from Meguro Station on JR Yamanote Line and Toei Mita Line

[By bus]

Take the Tokyu Bus No. 72 from the East Exit of Shibuya Station and get off at the "Otori-jinja-mae" stop.

It takes about 3 minutes on foot.